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At MLB Shop UK we have a reputation of being the largest retailer of baseball jerseys and MLB licensed clothing and merchandise in UK & Europe. All our merchandise & clothing is available for purchase directly through MLB shop UK’s online store, and it’s easier than ever with a few clicks you can order the latest MLB baseball jerseys in the UK.

The full range of Major League Baseball jerseys are not available in shops or on the high street in the UK & the rest of Europe. All the baseball teams in the MLB are based in North America and this is where the majority of the game’s exposure is, in the USA & Canada buying MLB merchandise is as easy as buying a premier league kit in the UK.

Even still baseball has a big fan base in the UK and baseball jerseys have become a fashion item with some high-end designer retailers offering some MLB clothing and baseball jerseys in store. The merchandise found in retailers in store are often very limited.

MLB Merchandise UK - Jerseys, Clothing & More!

As an official sportswear retailer, MLB Shop UK offers the largest range of Baseball clothing and merchandise in the UK. we are proud to stock men’s, women’s and youth jerseys for all 30 Major league baseball teams. We also have a large selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, clothing and baseball caps.

Our easy to use baseball store makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for, you can use filters in our online shop section to find baseball caps or search specific teams and players merchandise as well as customizable gear. We have made our online baseball store to be as easy to use as possible, as we believe a lot of UK fans would prefer to browse the merchandise and find the team colours they like or fashion items that suit them.

Our baseball clothing ranges are updated weekly to ensure we always have the latest fashions and trends from all 30 MLB teams available to purchase in the UK. We have the largest available MLB range in Europe, we also offer throwback jerseys, vintage wear, special edition jerseys, exclusive baseball caps and limited edition world series jerseys.

MLB Baseball Jerseys & MLB growth in the UK

Baseball jerseys have changed a lot over the years, even with changes in the way they are produced, the materials and style, overall jerseys seen in the MLB have preserved the vintage look and still represent the game as it was seen many years ago. The licensed on field jerseys worn by players are made by Majestic sportswear, with each team having a home, road and alternate jersey. Majestic also make some extra styles for certain teams which you can browse through with in MLB shop.  Baseball has a lot of history in the UK, so being that there is debate as to where the game was actually invented and it has been suggested that baseball is actually an English creation. There also was a professional league in Britain & Ireland played from 1890 – 1898 this is still evident today as the professional football team of Derby County play at Baseball ground which was once a shared stadium for both the Baseball team and football team. Today Baseball growth is mainly played attributed through British universities teams competing with each other, there is also the national amatuer league which is ran by the British Baseball Federation.

Major League Baseball Sporting history

In the USA there has been a major baseball competition since 1892 which lead to the beginning of major league baseball which “officially” has been around since 1903 with the modern world series, bringing with it over a century of history and with it creating some of the largest teams of any sport with the likes of New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and many more.

There have also been many notable players which we offer throwback merchandise for, with the likes of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio & Mickey Mantle to name just a few.

Each year the world series game is played against the winners of the American Conference playing against the winners of the National Conference, the series is played over 7 games and the winner is crowned the world champions.